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Execution Log – 08/31/15-/09/06/15: 09/01,Nunley,MO

August 30, 2015

Here are copies of the e-mails I sent to people in states with scheduled executions asking them to intervene. Please e-mail, phone or fax appeals of your own. You are welcome to cut & paste.


MO                    Roderick Nunley                 scheduled 09/01/2015

You can contact Governor Jay Nixon at

phone:    (573) 751-3222

other Missouri contacts:

                         Division of Probation
phone:    (573) 751-8488
fax:        (573) 751-8501


Columbia Daily Tribune
phone:    573-815-1700
fax:         573-815-1701
Columbia Missourian
phone:    573-882-5700
fax:        573-882-5702

Jefferson City News
phone:    573-636-3131
I ask you, Governor Nixon, to stop your state’s execution of Roderick Nunley.  Mr. Nunley is scheduled to be poisoned to death by the government of Missouri next Tuesday, 09/01/2015, for the 1989 murder of Ann Harrison.

Roderick Nunley is clearly mentally ill.  State medical examiners said that he has a “severe personality disorder” caused in part by a “seizure disorder from numerous [childhood] head injuries.”  They also indicated cocaine use rendered Roderick “acutely intoxicated” during the commission of this crime.  A man in his condition could not form intent to kill or even recognize that his behavior is wrong.  In the United States of America we treat our sick, not kill them.  As the chief executive of Missouri you must immediately halt the execution of Roderick Nunley to allow time for more humane considerations.

Former Attorney General of the United States of America Janet Reno, as well as myriads of scholars, can find no evidence that the death penalty deters capital crimes. In fact, the warden of the famous Sing Sing prison believes that the death penalty exacerbates the violence in his facility by setting an example of cold-blooded killing. Recent studies show that the largest increase in capital crimes is in Texas, the state which executes the most people. As for vengeance, that is the Lord’s, not the government’s.

Please, Governor Nixon, stop this killing of Roderick Nunley.  If this execution goes forward, look around this country for the black bands worn and the church bells tolled in protest of this injustice.

Thank you.



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  1. September 4, 2015 3:02 pm

    The government of the state of Missouri poisoned Roderick Nunley to death on 9/2/15 as the second person executed in revenge for the murder of Ann Harrison. He was killed in spite of a ‘severe personality disorder’ and a “seizure disorder from numerous [childhood] head injuries.”

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