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Armband Alert: 11/13/14; Banks, FL

November 12, 2014

Please wear a black No Death Penalty! wristband tomorrow, 11/13/14, in protest of the poisoning to death of Chadwick Banks by the government of the state of Florida.

Firstly, national organizations have documented twenty four death row inmates in Florida that are probably innocent, far more than any other state.  Secondly, Florida changed recently to a single drug lethal injection protocol that has never been shown to kill without excruciating pain and suffering.  In fact, the victim of a recent execution in Ohio using the same protocol took thirty minutes to die, all the while writhing in apparent agony.  Florida’s method of execution defies the Federal constitution’s prohibition of ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.   Finally, Chadwick Banks is clearly mentally ill and in the U.S.A. we do not kill our sick, we get help for them.  Florida must cancel this execution until it comes into compliance with the laws of humanity and our great nation.


Please keep all involved in your thoughts.


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