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Armband Alert: 10/28/14; Paredes, TX; 10/29/14, Christeson, MO

October 28, 2014

Please wear a black No Death Penalty! wristband today, 10/28/14, and tomorrow, 10/29/14, in protest of the poisonings to death of Miguel Paredes by the government of the state of Texas and Mark Christeson by the government of the state of Missouri.

Miguel Paredes, with twenty siblings, fell in with a notorious Latin gang, impregnated his girlfriend and piled up an extensive criminal record by the time he was fifteen.  He and two accomplices were jumped when they came to collect a drug debt and came out the victors in the ensuing murderous melee.  His accomplices both got life in prison, but Mr. Paredes was sentenced to death.

Mark Christeson is being executed for murders he and his cousin and a friend committed in 1999.  As Mr. Paredes did, Mr. Christeson drew the short straw, with both his accomplices getting life in prison compared to his death sentence.

Please keep all involved in your thoughts.


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  1. October 30, 2014 9:58 am

    Miguel Paredes was poisoned to death on Tuesday, 10/28/14. Mark Christeson was granted a stay of his scheduled 10/29/14 execution by the United States Supreme Court to review his request for new legal representation.

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