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Execution Scorecard – 10/28/13-11/17/13

November 4, 2013

Last week (10/28/13-11/03/13) see previous Execution Log for details               

10/29    Arthur Brown     TX        !!!Stayed!!! to review evidentiary methodology 

This week (11/04/13-11/10/13) see previous Execution Log for details

None executed!

Next Week (11/11/13-11/17/13) see next Execution Log for details

11/12    Jamie McCosky                           TX        scheduled

11/12    Darius Kimbrough                     FL        scheduled

11/14    Ronald Phillips                           OH       scheduled



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  1. Rhonda Downie permalink
    December 28, 2013 9:43 am

    This whole execution BUSINESS in America is so sick.I understand that terrible crimes have been commited but Im sure those on death row died long before they committed these crimes.Please make courts and judges ,juries understand something about what went before,as Im sure the victims who have passed have seen the truth of these people and the path they have travelled to bring them to this point,Im sure the dead know more then we.
    There are global laws now on the rights of the child,so why arent those who violated the prisoners standing before a judge beside them and made to face the force of the law with them , if people knew what prisoners suffered to cause them the damage that led them to this place no one is born bad ,maybe the world would see how ridiculous and cruel the whole thing is.

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