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Armband Alert: 07/18/12, Hearn,TX

July 17, 2012

NOTE: Warren Hill of Georgia was scheduled to die tomorrow, 07/18/12, but the state’s Department of Corrections delayed the execution to 07/23/12 due to an unspecified complication with its new single drug lethal injection protocol.

Please wear a black wrist band tomorrow, 07/18/12, in silent protest of the execution of Yokamon Hearn by the government of the state of Texas. Mr. Hearn will be poisoned to death for the 1998 murder of Frank Meziere after he and three codefendants carjacked him Yokamon Hearn, just 19 year old at the time of this crime, suffers from a developmental mental disability that causes precisely the same behavioral disturbances that were noted as ‘mental retardation’ when the United States Supreme Court banned the execution of people so afflicted. Medical experts who have examined Mr. Hearn say his condition was caused by his fetal alcohol syndrome at birth and ‘amounts to mental retardation’. This condition renders its victims unable to understand the consequences of their behavior and thus ineligible for the death penalty. In the United States of America, we treat our sick, we don’t kill them! Texas must stay this execution to allow time to catch up to the requirements of humanity and the laws of our land! Just today, the United Nations Human Rights Commission published a rebuff of the states of Georgia and Texas for proposing to execute people with significant ‘psychosocial disabilities’.

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