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Execution Scorecard – 06/11/12-07/01/12

June 18, 2012

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Last Week (06/11/12/-06/17/12)

 06/12    Jan Brawner                              Idaho                executed

06/12    Richard Leavitt                          Mississippi       executed                        

This week (06/18/12/-06/24/12) see previous Execution Log for details                                        

06/20    Gary Carl Simmons, Jr.              Mississippi       executed                       

06/20    Abdul Awkal                                  Ohio                 !!!Stayed!!! to review mental competence

Next Week (06/25/12/-07/1/12) see next Execution Log for details

06/27    Samuel Lopez                           Texas               scheduled

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    thanks to people like you that all newbie have the opportunity to understand something they would like to know but don’t know where to find it.

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