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!!!STAY ISSUED!!!: 04/20/12, Johnson, DE

April 18, 2012

Today, Wednesday, 04/18/12, a federal judge responsible for Delaware stayed the impending execution of Shannon Johnson in that state.  Mr. Johnson was scheduled to be poisoned to death two days from now on Friday, 04/20/12.  The judge wants to review claims that Mr. Johnson is ineligible for the death penalty due to mental incompetence.

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  1. July 30, 2013 3:59 am

    I think Prejean presents eleelxcnt points, however, I feel that her opinion is partially biased. After reading this interview I, too, felt for Robert Lee Willie. The personal connection allowed for a relationship to form, and thereby natural empathy. By no means do I feel one way or the other about the justification of his penalty. However, I think that learning more about Willie makes the audience feel badly for him..almost pity him. Sister Prejean presents compelling points; the ones that really struck close to home for me, and evidently for her as well, was his vast appreciation of life after it had been taken from him (by his own causing) and the continual mention of how he hoped that his death would at the least bring solace to the family. It wasn’t till Sister Prejean made specific noting of the fact that he did not claim to pray for them despite his horrific acts that I realized the obvious difference. You can tell that he feels wretched about it, but that he does not try to go back and change it all. He accepts it; he tries to move on with it. I, actually, greatly admire that. That was where I began to feel as though I were Sister Prejean and that ‘friendship’ was between me and Willie. Honestly, I have no idea what to think. But I’ve never looked at this type of situation from this angle before. Its eye-opening to say the least, but also odd to relate myself to a killer. Im not sure whether to embrace it, or withdraw from it.

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