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Execution Scorecard: 02/27/12-03/18/12)

March 7, 2012

NOTE: Please consider this your Armband Alerts for Keith Thurmond, scheduled to be poisoned today at 7:00PM by the state of Texas and Robert Towery, to be poisoned by the state of Arizona tomorrow.  Mr. Thurmond will be killed for the 2001 murder of his estranged wife Sharon and her new boyfriend Guy Sean Fernandez.  Mr. Thurmond is going to his execution now primarily because his state-appointed lawyer missed the dead line for filling his last appeal.  Robert Towery will be killed for the 1991 murder of Mark Jones during the commission of a robbery; he was aided by accomplice Randy Barker.


 Last Week (02/27/12/-03/04/12)

 02/28    Anthony Bartee                     Texas               !!!Stayed!!! for further DNA testing

02/29    Robert Moorman                   Arizona            executed

02/29    George Rivas                            Texas               executed


This week (03/05/12/-03/11/12) see previous Execution Log for details

03/06    Michael Ryan                            Nebraska          !!!Stayed!!! pending resolution of poison provenance

03/07    Keith Thurmond                        Texas               executed

03/08    Robert Towery                          Arizona             executed

03/08    Dustin Briggs                           Pennsylvania     !!!Stayed!!! pending further appeals

 Next Week (03/12/12/-03/18/12) see next Execution Log for details

 03/15    Timothy Stemple                    Oklahoma         scheduled

03/16    Garry Allen                                Oklahoma          scheduled

03/18    Briley Piper                                South Dakota    scheduled




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