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Armband Alert: 02/28/12 – Moorman, AZ; Rivas, TX

February 28, 2012


Please wear a black wrist band tomorrow, 02/28/12, in silent protest of the executions of Robert Moorman by the government of the state of Arizona and George Rivas by the government of the state of Texas.  Mr. Moorman will be poisoned to death for the brutal murder of his adoptive mother in 1984.  Mr. Rivas will be killed for the 2000 murder, with six accomplices, of police officer Aubrey Hawkins,

 Mr. Moorman was taking advantage of a three day pass from prison to spend time with his mother when he committed this crime.  After murdering her, he dismembered the body and left pieces in various trash bins around the area.  The circumstances of the crime demonstrate graphically the sickness of the perpetrator.  He could not have committed such atrocities, nor could anyone else, without being completely out of his mind.   It is clear that Mr. Moorman was not in control of his actions during this crime.   In this country we don’t kill people this sick, we provide treatment.  It is established law that we do not punish people for actions taken while they are not in control of themselves.

 Mr. Rivas’ case, infamous for the successful prison break that preceded it, is a good example of the unequal justice that defendants in Texas receive at the hands of the state.  One of the accomplices has already been executed for the crime, while another received a stay of execution recently.  A third defendant committed suicide rather than be executed for this crime.  Texas must find a way to provide equal justice for all.

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  1. February 28, 2012 7:43 pm

    1. Rivas got 17 life sentences for a series of robberies, in which nobody got injured. That tells about everything about the Texas justice system.

    2. Yes, he was an outlaw, but he was an outlaw with a sense of honor and a lot of guts. During his trial he took full responsibility for the killing of Officer Hawkins and said he deserved to die. That’s what I call courage.

    3. I guess Governor Perry could use some of that.

  2. March 1, 2012 12:54 pm

    Both George Rivas and Robert Moorman were executed last night (02/29/12) as scheduled in Texas and Arizona respectively.

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