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Armband Alert: Hernandez,TX,01/26/12

January 26, 2012

Please wear a black wrist band today, 01/26/12, in silent protest of the execution of Rodrigo Hernandez by the government of the state of Texas.  Mr. Hernandez  will be poisoned to death tonight at 7:00PM for the 1994 murder of Susan Verstegen. 


Mr. Hernandez confessed to this crime at the time of his arrest.  He told officers that he had been under the influence of marijuana and harder drugs, so incapacitated that he could not be considered in control of his own behavior.  His court-appointed attorney Mario Trevino  presented no evidence to the jury, essentially abandoning his client and thus denying Rodrigo Hernandez his constitutionally guaranteed fair trial.  Texas must stay this execution to allow the legal proceedings in the state to catch up to the law of the land and the demands of justice.                                


Thanks for all you do to abolish the death penalty in the United States of America!


The Armband Protest Against the Death Penalty

Jerry D. Ward

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