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Execution Scorecard: 01/09/12-01/29/12

January 15, 2012

NOTE: See our blog for more information on the new Death Penalty Information Center report showing the declining use of and support for the death penalty in the United States of America.



Last Week (01/09/12/-01/15/12)

01/05    Gary Welch                               Oklahoma         executed


This week (01/16/12/-01/22/12) see previous Execution Log for details

01/17    Ralph Birdsong                         Pennsylvania     !!!Stayed!!! pending Federal appeals

01/18    Charles Lorraine                        Ohio                 !!!Stayed!!! pending suit over lethal injections

01/18    Kenneth Hairston                       Pennsylvania     !!!Stayed!!! pending Federal appeals

01/19    Michael St. Clair                        Kentucky          scheduled

01/20    Robert Gattis                            Delaware           scheduled

Next Week (01/23/12/-01/29/12) see next Execution Log for details

01/26    Rodrigo Hernandez                    Texas               scheduled

Thanks for all you do to abolish the death penalty in the United States of America!

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