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Armband Alerts: Chandler,FL; Brooks,OH; 11/15/11

November 15, 2011

Please wear a black wrist band today, 11/15/11, in silent protest of the executions of Oba Chandler by the government of the state of Florida and of Reginald Brooks, Sr. by the government of the state of Ohio.  Mr. Chandler will be poisoned for the 1969 murders of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters, Michelle and Christy.  Mr. Brooks will be killed for the 1982 murders of his three sons, Reginald Jr., Vaughn and

The primary appeal judge in Mr. Chandler’s case determined some of the aggravating circumstances required in Ohio to send him to Death Row.  That is a direct violation of one of our country’s most revered rights, trial by a jury of peers.  Barring a last minute stay today, Oba Chandler will be executed at  4:00PM at Florida State Prison in Starke, Florida.

Reginald Brooks, Sr. is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.  The prosecution in this case had witness statements documenting increasingly bizarre, aberrant and paranoid behavior in the days leading up to the crime, documents that were withheld from the defense!  Amnesty International director Kate Allen has said “It frankly beggars
belief that the state of Ohio is set to execute Reginald Brooks despite him
being judged mentally ill”.  In fact one of three judges who decided
Mr. Brooks’ guilt and his punishment said he would not have voted for death
penalty if he had known this diagnosis.

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